When Teens Self-Harm: How Parents, Teachers and Professionals Can Provide Calm and Compassionate Support

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Author: Monika Parkinson, Lucy Willetts, Kerstin Thirlwall

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 21/03/24

ISBN: 9781839975967

Supporting teens who self-harm can be stressful, with panic and anxiety muddying the waters and making it difficult to know how to respond. How do you help? What if you make it worse?

This book guides you through the potential reasons for self-harming behaviour, helping you to respond with compassion and support. Quotes from young people who self-harm give insight into the mindset behind the behaviour, while expert guidance gives you the tools to help. Advice on regulating your own emotions, combined with a better understanding of why teens self-harm, allows you to provide a safe, nurturing environment to support your young person and reduce their self-harming behaviour.

Grounded in the authors’ extensive clinical experience in young people’s mental health, this book guides you out of panic mode to create a secure, validating environment for teens who self-harm.