Psychological Therapy Books in a nutshell!

PsychologicalTherapyBooks.co.uk is run by an independent bookseller called Bookmark. We specialise in selling books to professionals and we always aim for our prices to be cheaper than our competitor’s. We also try to be efficient and are always (well almost always) friendly and cheerful! We are based in Oldland Common in Bristol and as well as selling books to individuals we also supply to titles to a number of specialist companies and institutions. Books can be supplied with an invoice if required.

We are real people!

We are not like some other internet booksellers as we are real people who you can (if you wish) contact directly by phone or email at any time. We don’t (unlike the website) tend to be available outside office hours. But we would be happy to hear from you if you have any queries, comments, complaints or indeed praise, regarding our service.

How can we help you?

The idea behind this website was not to clutter it up with every book under the sun. It just lists new books as well as titles recommended by experts in particular fields. You are very welcome to contact us about any other book (not listed the site) that you would like to purchase at a specially reduced price. We can usually track down titles from minimal information and can provide you with price and availability details without obligation. We are happy to invoice organisations for books supplied and we don’t charge for UK delivery.

Would you like a specialist bookstall at your conference or other event?

We run a free service to provide specialist bookstalls at professional conferences. These stalls are popular with delegates as well as speakers who can if they wish ask us to display specific titles. All titles on our stalls are sold at specially reduced prices.

Who exactly are we?

The two people on our staff who are likely to answer the phone (or your email) are Tony or John. Tony is always smiling and works full time in the office. John is an occasional office visitor (is not quite as smiley) and spends most of his time ‘out and about’.