Using Psychometrics in Coaching: A Practical Guide

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Author: Ian Florance

Publisher: Open University Press

Published: 12/05/22

ISBN: 9780335248872

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What is the fundamental role of assessment in coaching? What makes an assessment an appropriate tool in coaching? This guide dispels the misunderstanding that assessments are simply number crunchers, showing instead how they contribute at every stage of a coaching relationship. How we use assessments continues to change rapidly to meet evolving needs, and this book will be an invaluable resource for navigating assessment training to deepen these relationships.

This book:

•Explains how to use formal and informal psychometrics to get the best result for your client
•Uses real life examples, case studies and stories
•Gives concrete and unbiased examples of a wide range of assessment approaches
•Focuses on coaching clients and how assessment can help them meet their goals
•Illustrates the best ways to turn theory-driven tools into practical aids to enrich coaching

Written by a practitioner with experience both in developing assessments and in delivering coaching, this is an essential guide for trainee, new and experienced coaches. It explores why assessment reports are an informed voice in the coaching conversation which provide the background data for areas, such as recruitment decisions.

“Deep but clear explanations, vivid case studies, occasional laugh-out-loud humour, and relentlessly practical throughout, it has every single thing you need.”