The Subtle Spectrum: An Honest Account of Autistic Discovery, Relationships and Identity: A Journey of Autistic Discovery, Relationships and Identity

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Author: Joanna Grace

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 14/06/2021

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Am I autistic, or is autism something I suff er from? Should I come out, to my friends, to my family, to the people I work with? Should I drop the mask? How can I explain my experience to a neurotypical world?

The Subtle Spectrum off ers an exploration into the postdiagnostic landscape of autism and the transformative journey of one woman, from her awareness of difference, through acceptance, to an embracing of autistic identity and beyond as she questions the cultural identity of autism.

Joanna’s narrative is enriched with insights from a range of diverse contributors, creating a refl ective opportunity for people to gain a better understanding of the experience of being autistic. With a focus on relationships built across a neurodiverse divide, the book considers topics as broad as mental health, work opportunities and abuse, weaving theory and research with lived experience to give true insight into the life of an autistic person, both pre- and post- diagnosis.

Written with a raw and engaging honesty, this is a crucial read for anybody who identifies as autistic as an adult or teenager, or anyone looking to support somebody exploring diagnosis. It will also provide an invaluable insight for social workers, educators and relationships counsellors working with autistic people.