The Curiosity Drive: Our Need for Inquisitive Thinking

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Author: Philip Stokoe

Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House

Published: 30/11/2020

ISBN: 9781912691456

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After eighteen frustrating months heading a specialist adolescent unit, Philip Stokoe applied for a training in consultation at the Tavistock Clinic based on the Tavi aka group relations model. This experience changed his life and, ultimately, led to this book. Embedding the training into his working life, he came to recognise the crucial importance of curiosity to the development of the mind. Alongside love and hate, it is a primary drive inside each of us. Without the desire to know , human evolution would take a very different path. Stokoe outlines the work of Freud, Klein, and Bion to provide a firm foundation to his exploration of individual development and how it relates to groups and organisations. He lays bare why so many organisations are dysfunctional, takes an in-depth look at the problems unique to psychoanalytic institutions, and gives clear insight into how groups function as a separate entity to the individuals involved. He also investigates curiosity s shadow side, detailing the alternative processes needed when it becomes a problem. A truly excellent book for trainees, professionals, and anyone who has ever been frustrated by work!