Symbiosis and Autonomy: Symbiotic Trauma and Love Beyond Entanglements

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Author: Franz Ruppert

Publisher: Green Balloon Publishing

Published: 06/07/2012

ISBN: 9780955968334

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This is the third book by Professor Franz Ruppert to be translated into English. In it he explores the relationship between our symbiotic interconnectedness and our ability to be autonomous in our lives. The relationship between these two aspects of being is absolutely influenced by early attachment trauma, what Ruppert has termed ‘symbiotic trauma’: the trauma of an infant attempting to connect with a mother who is herself already traumatised. Additionally Ruppert gives a detailed account of the ‘Constellation of the Intention’, the process he has devised for working with the psychological splits induced by trauma. This is a particular form of constellation that addresses issues of fragmentation. For those interested in trauma, and understanding how to work with it, this is truly groundbreaking work. Ruppert’s thinking draws on many historical roots but is, even so, particularly unique. It takes us outside our normal ways of thinking about trauma, attachment and what it means to be a human being.