Sex in the Brain: A neuropsychosexual approach to love and intimacy

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Author: Janice Hiller

Publisher: Confer Books

Published: 06/05/24

ISBN: 9781913494889

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Sex in the Brain gives an overview of what happens in the brain during the development of romantic and sexual relationships, from the intense emotions accompanying the early stages of a new relationship to kissing, touch, arousal, orgasm, commitment, parenting, infidelity, breaking up or staying together. Neuroscience has uncovered fascinating insights into the brain processes involved in human drives and sexual behaviour, and romantic relationships are now a particular focus of attention. With advanced imaging techniques and hormone testing methods, neurotransmitters and brain regions in humans can now be investigated, allowing researchers to describe the complex neural patterns that enable us to feel desire, exhilaration and commitment to a partner. This book is for anyone keen to learn more about their own responses and interactions with a partner.

Sex in the Brain provides insights into how the brain impacts on sexual behaviour on every level. Each chapter describes the empirical studies that are particularly relevant, while the summaries and case examples following each chapter, give clear suggestions on how neurobiological knowledge can become a valuable part of therapeutic methods.