Ruby, Rafa and Riz: Understanding Behaviour and Emotions (Feel, Think Do with Ruby, Rafa and Riz: A Storybook and Guide for Understanding Behaviour and Emotions)

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Author: Liz Bates & Nigel Dodds

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 24/01/2022

ISBN: 9781032059433

For effective use, this book should be purchased alongside the guidebook. Both books can be purchased together as a set, Feel, Think and Do with Ruby, Rafa and Riz: A Storybook and Guide for Understanding Behaviour and Emotions, 978-1-032-05939-6.

This children’s storybook tells the story of Ruby, Rafa and Riz as each child has an experience that affects them – unkind friendship, the death of a pet, a bullying family member and coercive peers. Their teacher, who knows nothing of these events, notices the behaviour of each child which leads to him asking how they are feeling and what they are thinking, enabling each child to talk about their emotions and so helping the adult to understand their behaviour.

In a clever and enjoyable way, the stories of Ruby, Rafa and Riz lead children through scenarios that introduce ideas key to developing children’s understanding and security such as the:

knowledge that behaviour is a response to feelings and thoughts
understanding that these feelings and thoughts are a response to the external world
insight into how thoughts and feelings are hidden unless shared; and the
empowerment to share their emotional context with trusted adults, explaining their behaviour – both to others and themselves.

When used alongside the practical guidebook, this unique and engaging story enables all those working directly with children to support their development, allowing children to become strong enough and secure enough to meet the challenges of life and learning.