RESPARK: Igniting hope and joy after trauma and depression

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Author: Graham Music

Publisher: Mind-Nurturing Books

Published: January 2022

ISBN: 9781739814700

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How can we respark joy and hope after despondency, numbness or trauma? Acclaimed psychotherapist and trauma expert, Graham Music, in his 6th book, distils decades of experience to deliver a roadmap for reigniting zest and passion in troubled adults and children.

In these testing times many feel unmotivated and have lost their mojo. Some are listless, retreating inwards after trauma or loneliness, some become addicted to screens or meaningless activities, and many have lost passion in the face of life’s challenges.

Through fascinating tales from the consulting room and daily life, this book provides a ground-breaking model to regenerate hope. Music weaves together cutting-edge science, profound personal stories, therapeutic wisdom, and deep humanity. He outlines exactly how to understand and heal from a wide range of emotionally blunted states such as dissociation, depression, or helplessness.

We hear about lives regenerated from “desparked” lifeless unenergized states, such as addiction, depression, trauma and learned helplessness. In each story the characters come alive on the page as we witness hope-inducing transformations, and find out just what’s needed to reboot and respark emotional and bodily aliveness.

We also hear deeply personal stories of the author’s own life, the ways in which he shut-down his life-force in the face tough experiences, and how he was able to, as he writes, reset, reboot and re-find his spark. This book is unique in addressing the subjects of energy, lifeforce and the lack of it in emotional flatness and dulled down states. We learn new theories about how people can turn down danger signals, ‘safen’, become ‘nervous system whisperers’, reset and reboot and then respark into fuller lives.

Never dull, the writing is sparkling, full of humanity, honesty and humour, and most importantly, of hope, and shows us how we can make life-changing changes to reclaim our potential for living fuller lives.

This book is needed more than ever at this moment.

.Whether you are a therapist, a professional, a parent, or anyone looking to find personal inspiration, RESPARK offers a captivating and hope-filled journey, showing how any of us can rediscover the vitality and desire to live richer lives.