Resettlement of Sex Offenders After Custody: Circles of Support and Accountability

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Author: Terry Thomas, David Thompson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published: 30/03/2016

ISBN: 9781138898509

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Circles of Support and Accountability is a voluntary initiative that assists people with convictions for sexual offences to resettle in the community. People leaving prison with such convictions often have difficulties in resettling. They carry the burden of the conviction itself, which may be both stigmatising and isolating and they are the subject of sex offender register requirements, parole and other supervisory conditions. Circles of Support and Accountability in the UK started over ten years ago and have slowly spread across the country. They work closely with the police and probation services but rely entirely on volunteers prepared to give up their time to work with people often otherwise shunned by communities. Circles offer support to the person concerned but also hold them accountable for their future behaviour. They aim to ensure there are ‘no more victims’. This book is based on original research and provides a close-up picture of how these Circles of Support and Accountability work in practice. It brings together for the first time, the voices of all the participants from the offenders, the volunteers, through to the Coordinators who link the volunteers to the professionals in the form of the police and probation services.