On Arrogance: A Psychoanalytic Essay

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Author: Giuseppe Civitarese

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 07/03/24

ISBN: 9781032677118

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This book explores the notion of arrogance from a broadly psychoanalytic perspective, and examines its importance in the consulting room and the wider world.

Starting from the writings of Freud and Bion, Civitarese explores how much our inner and outer worlds may be shaped by arrogance, both our own and that of others. The author proposes that much of psychological suffering can be explained by non-recognition, of our own needs and desires, or those of others. It can be argued that arrogance is a symptom of lack of mutual recognition and in itself a significant obstacle to psychic growth. This book is an interdisciplinary dialogue between psychoanalysis, literature, and philosophy, which offers a non-reductive view of arrogance to make visible the psychological suffering it conceals.

With a broad psychoanalytic basis, On Arrogance will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, scholars in humanities and anyone wishing to broaden their understanding of arrogance in clinical work and beyond.