Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice: A Relational, Systemic and Ecological Approach

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Author: Peter Hawkins and Judy Ryde

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 19/12/19

ISBN: 9781785924224

Bringing together relational, systemic and ecological approaches, this pioneering book outlines a valuable integrative psychotherapeutic method and presents the core steps for implementing it into practice. The book provides a robust examination of the historical roots and theoretical underpinnings of the approach, alongside insights from contemporary neuroscience. The authors also offer a clear framework for carrying out integrative work, weaving together relational, systemic and ecological threads. Case studies highlight the practical applications of the method, and chapters on practice, ethics, supervision, and training provide a springboard for psychotherapy and counselling professionals and students to take forward the lessons offered and implement them in practice.