Humanistic Psychology: Current Trends and Future Prospects

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Author: Richard House (editor and translator), David Kalisch (editor and translator), Jennifer Maidman (editor and translator)

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published: 16/08/2017

ISBN: 9781138698918

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This book provides a thought-provoking examination of the present state and the future of humanistic psychology, showcasing a rich international contributor line-up. The book addresses head-on the current state of a world in crisis, not only placing the current conjuncture within a wider evolutionary context, but also demonstrating the specifically humanistic-psychological values and practices that can help us to transform and transcend the world’s current challenges. Each chapter looks in depth at a variety of issues; counselling and psychotherapy, creativity and the humanities, post-traumatic stress, and socio-political movements and activism. The book amply confirms that humanistic psychology is as alive, and as innovative and exciting, as it ever has been, and has tremendous relevance to the uncertainties that characterize the unprecedented individual and global challenges of the times. It celebrates the diverse and continuing significance of humanistic psychology by providing a robust and reliable roadmap for a new generation of counsellors and psychotherapists. In these richly diverse chapters will be found inspiration, pockets of resistance, mature critical reflexivity and much much more – a book accurately reflecting our present situation, and which is an invaluable addition to the psychology literature