How to Thrive as a Coach in a Digital World: Coaching with Technology

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Author: Sam Isaacson

Publisher: Open University Press

Published: 23/08/2021

ISBN: 9780335250615

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Technology offers coaches new horizons and a chance to connect with clients with new techniques. This book addresses these opportunities as well as the dilemmas and difficult questions that are part of the new landscape. What will happen when a big coaching platform is hacked? Will coaches ever be replaced by robots? Or perhaps, when will coaches be replaced by robots? As digital tools become increasingly enmeshed in our world, it is essential for coaches to use technology wisely, to build rapport and operate effectively. With the support of this book, coaches can use technology to enhance their practice and feel confident when working with clients.

By breaking coaching technology down to its foundational principles, this book equips coaches to enrich their practice by proactively identifying its benefits, while protecting themselves and their clients from its threats. A coach reading this book will:

•Unearth the truth behind the glossy veneer of technology, to discover what makes it work and why
•Explore the capabilities of technology to disrupt coaching, and discover what to do to optimise its use
•Develop an understanding of the sorts of technology available to enhance coaching practice at strategic and tactical levels
•Experiment with futurology, constructing a plan to preserve the profession of coaching