Healing Addiction with EMDR Therapy: A Trauma-Focused Guide

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Author: Jamie Marich & Stephen Dansiger

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Published: 30/08/21

ISBN: 9780826136060

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This innovative and brand new EMDR therapy guide for healing addiction is the first book to underscore the efficacy of EMDR therapy as a primary modality for treating trauma and addiction. Targeting the trauma lurking beneath the addiction, the resource presents a comprehensive collection of best practices and strategies for using EMDR therapy to treat addictive disorders, and guides practitioners in incorporating their protocols of choice into EMDR treatment. While illuminating underlying theory, the book focuses on practice knowledge and how therapists can translate this knowledge into clinical settings in order to provide clinicians with a fully-integrated approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of addiction across populations

Written in user-friendly language by two prominent practitioners and trainers of EMDR therapy, the book helps therapists to address the complexity of addictive disorders by providing a comprehensive guide to the standard eight-phase protocol and adaptive information processing model as groundwork for case conceptualization and treatment. Chapters contain case studies with commentary on relevant decision-making points along with discussion questions to enhance critical thinking. Abundant “Tips and Tricks” learned in the trenches make the text come alive with clinical relevance, and references to many of the best specialty protocols and strategies for treating clients suffering from addiction due to trauma, guide readers to choose the best protocol for each situation. Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

Key Features:

  • Authors’ lived experience brings a wealth or real-world application
  • Introduces the standard EMDR therapy protocol as a modality of choice for treating trauma and addiction disorders
  • Rates popular specialty protocols for addiction and provides guidance on how to integrate them into treatment
  • Delivers a wealth of best practices and strategies for working with clients with addiction issues
  • Addresses effectively working with dissociation in EMDR therapy
  • Focuses on best practice informed by a thorough review of up-to-date scholarly literature
  • Uses abundant case studies, “Tips and Tricks from the Field” and practical exercises to reinforce knowledge