Gestalt Therapy: Therapy of the Situation

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Author: Wollants,Georges

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd

Published: 13-FEB-12

ISBN: 9780857029850

This seminal textbook on Gestalt therapy refreshes the theory of Gestalt therapy revisiting its European roots. Taking the basic premise that people do the best they can in relation to their own situation – a thoroughly Gestalt idea – leading European therapist Georges Wollants explains Gestalt theory and provides a useful critique of commonly taught concepts. Each section approaches a key area of psychotherapy theory in context, while chapter summaries, illustrations and worked-through case examples help to make the theory accessible to all those training in Gestalt therapy. Commentaries from current experts in different areas of Gestalt provide a balanced overview of Gestalt therapy today. The author brings in his extensive knowledge of European philosophers and psychologists to offer a unique insight into Gestalt therapy. A readable, engaging clarification of Gestalt theory and practice, this will be a worthy addition to any trainee’s reading list; not only in humanistic and integrative counselling and psychotherapy but also pastoral care in wider mental health training.


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