Gestalt Therapy: The Art of Contact

Gestalt Therapy: The Art of Contact

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Author: SERGE

Publisher: Karnac Books

Published: 01-AUG-07

ISBN: 9781855755710

Gestalt Therapy has been developing steadily for the last 50 years in America as well as in Europe. It is currently practiced in different settings: individual, group, and family therapies; personal growth; social, medical and business organizations. You’ll find here a specific ally French approach: a synthesis of the French culture (greatly influenced by Psychoanalysis) along with a mobilizing and interactive method, emphasizing the cycle of contact, evoking the emotions, the body and the right hemisphere of the brain. This book is written mostly for beginners and for psychotherapy clients: it summarizes the central philosophy of this approach and the main techniques for the enrich-ment of contact.It includes sketches, charts, indexes, a glossary and a bibliography, which compose a convenient tool. It also explains, in an accessible way, the latest discoveries concerning the brain (neurosciences), dreams and sexuality. It has been published in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Latvian, Japanese (and several other translations are in course).


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