Forensic Music Therapy: A Treatment for Men and Women in Secure Hospital Settings

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Author: John Adlam (editor), Helen Odell-Miller (editor), Stella Compton-Dickinson (editor)

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: October 2012

ISBN: 9781849052528

Forensic Music Therapy demonstrates diverse and innovative approaches, which include live, improvised and pre-composed music, from music therapy teams working in secure treatment settings. The book covers clinical development, research, supervision and discussion of institutional and multi-disciplinary team dynamics. It will inform professionals about different ways to manage challenging situations in order to deliver music therapy with adults and adolescents who have committed offences, men and women with personality disorders and mental health problems, as well as men who have killed. The book also describes the development of Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy: the first manualised form of music therapy to be used in the rehabilitation of offenders. Chapters include case studies and service developments informed by theories from an established range of psychological therapies including psychoanalysis, cognitive analytic therapy, musicology and forensic psychotherapy. The significant variations and considerations when working in low, medium and high secure treatment settings are also clarified.

This book will give music therapists, forensic and clinical psychotherapists and psychologists, cognitive analytic therapists, psychiatrists, and others working in the field a wider understanding of choices, as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of tailored music therapy programmes for this complex client group.