Ecotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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Author: Martin Jordan, Joe Hinds

Publisher: Palgrave

Published: 29/07/16

ISBN: 9781137486875

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The idea of using nature to improve mental and emotional wellbeing has existed for many years, in many forms. However, growing levels of interest in holistic, reciprocal relationships with nature have led to the development of an explicit field, termed Ecotherapy. In this thought-provoking new book, Martin Jordan and Joe Hinds provide a comprehensive exploration of this emerging area of practice. Divided into three parts, the book offers a unique examination of a range of theoretical perspectives, unpacks the latest research and provides a wealth of illuminating practice examples, with a number of chapters dedicated to authors’ own first-hand experiences of the positive psychological effects of having contact with nature. Topics covered include: * The foundations of ecotherapy, including how it can be defined, its relation to psychotherapy and ecopsychology, and the research and various theory bases that inform it * The benefits of incorporating nature into palliative care * Nature as a tool for crisis recovery * Nature-based therapy for stress-related disorders * The use of nature to promote optimal functioning, with a focus on areas such as generative experiences, emotional development and exploration, autonomy and a sense of belonging. Written by a collection of leading experts from around the globe, Ecotherapy is a vital introduction to this fast-developing area of therapeutic practice.