Being With Our Feelings – A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing for Children: A Teaching Toolkit

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Author: Anita Kate Garai

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 30/11/22

ISBN: 9781032233277

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To get the full Being With Our Feelings experience, this book can be purchased alongside the storybooks. All books can be purchased together as a set, Being With Our Feelings: Guidebook and Four Storybooks Set, 9780367772314.

A vital resource for developing and nurturing children’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, this guidebook supplies a range of easily implementable, creative options to enable young people’s feelings to be heard, seen and accepted just as they are. Providing a range of mediums and photocopiable resources to allow for a personalised and flexible use, the Being With Our Feelings toolkit is a must-have resource for ensuring a mindful, embodied approach to wellbeing.

Full of practical advice, this toolkit provides a supportive and uncomplicated framework to encourage the exploration and expression of a child’s emotional world. Centred around the concept of seven key principles to encourage the development of healthy relationships with our feelings, each of the keys is unpacked through a main teaching activity, with clear teaching points, followed by options for mindful reflections, creative explorations and opportunities to apply their learning using the storybooks. Presenting opportunities for assessing and reviewing understanding and progression throughout, this toolkit follows a TEARS structure – teaching and exploring, applying, reviewing and self-evaluating.

With a focus on exploring, understanding and accepting our feelings, this book encourages:

  • increased emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing
  • more conscious behaviour, reduced bullying and healthier relationships
  • greater compassion, empathy and kindness
  • an understanding of integrity and values
  • a diverse feelings culture
  • an established feelings language
  • a space for freedom and creativity of expression including using imagery, sound and movement
  • all-inclusive wellbeing rituals and routines that embody the energy and sensation of feelings
    Whether you are a teacher or school leader looking to develop your wellbeing curriculum or a caring adult looking to help children to be with all their feelings in a healthy way, this accessible book will enable you to support children’s enhanced development through a greater sense of self-worth and acceptance.