When Art Therapy Meets Sex Therapy: Creative Explorations of Sex, Gender, and Relationships

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Author: Einat S. Metzl

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published: 08/09/16

ISBN: 9781138913134

Appropriate for both sex therapists and art therapists, When Art Therapy Meets Sex Therapy explores sexuality and gender through the use of art making, connecting relevant theories and research from both fields. It begins with a historical review of how explorations of anatomy, physiology, and sexual identity manifested in art making in different cultures and discusses why a clinician must take these spiritual, medical, and socioeconomic factors in account to offer effective and culturally competent therapy. The second part of the book discusses clinically effective treatments in art and sex therapy, and contains numerous case illustrations. Included are interventions for important issues in therapy, such as exploring gender identity, sexual health and shame, processing sexual abuse, couples’ intimacy, parenting concerns regarding their children’s sexuality, and treating sex addiction.