Acorns Among the Grass.: Adventures in Eco-therapy

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Author: Caroline Brazier (author)

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

Published: 01/05/2011

ISBN: 9781846946196

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Modern life cuts us off from our roots. Our urban lives, often full of activity and anxieties, can feel lacking in those very things which ground us and feel fulfilling. At the same time, our behaviour as a species threatens to destroy the planet on which we live. Reconnecting with the natural world, on the other hand, can be deeply transforming, both psychologically and spiritually. As we start to awaken to the damage which our disconnection from nature is doing both to ourselves and to our environment, we wake up to a new relationship founded on understanding and spiritual truth. In this context, therapists are looking for ways to work which directly rebuild our connection with nature. This important book presents an approach to working with the environment which embraces the therapeutic and the spiritual, offering a model of working which is sympathetic and creative. Offering both theoretical understanding and sections describing experiential work, it will appeal to both the professional and the general reader. Connecting with nature, we open to life in new ways.