A Jungian Approach to Coaching: The Theory and Practice of Turning Leaders into People

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Author: Laurence Barrett

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 29/08/22

ISBN: 9780367766368

In an increasingly superficial and disconnected world, Jungian psychology offers a more soulful alternative. It provides a frame within which we can more easily notice and understand the voice of the unconscious and its implications, allowing us to build deeper relationships and lead more meaningful lives.

In this book, Laurence Barrett explores the fundamental principles and structures of Jung’s model of the mind and considers ways in which these may be applied and extended to a modern coaching and consulting practice. It offers a deep but accessible insight to Jungian theory, supported by a wealth of source materials and rich examples from the author’s own work and experience.

A Jungian Approach to Coaching will help experienced coaches to better support individuals, groups, and organizations, in a rediscovery of their humanity and their potential. It will help turn leaders into people.