Working with Attachment Trauma: Clinical Application of the Adult Attachment Projective

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Author: Editors: Julie Wargo Aikins, Melissa Lehmann, Carol George

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 01/03/23

ISBN: 9781032104607

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The Adult Attachment Project Picture System (AAP) has served as a prominent assessment tool for adults and adolescents internationally for over 20 years. This book introduces the AAP and illustrates the powerful potential for implementing the AAP in clinical practice for assessment, client conceptualization, treatment planning, analysis, and as a therapeutic guide.

Chapters discuss the full scope of incomplete pathological mourning for attachment trauma, including for the first time in the field Failure to Mourn and Preoccupation with Personal Suffering. Seasoned clinical researchers and psychotherapists provide a snapshot of their clients’ unique attachment characteristics and defensive exclusion strategies as assessed by the AAP, and discuss how to use this information in treatment, as well as how to present the AAP results to their clients.

This book introduces readers to how the AAP can be used with adolescents, adults, and couples, and in custody evaluation and foster care.