Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety: Sustainable Action for Your Mental Health and the Planet

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Author: Megan Kennedy-Woodard, Dr. Patrick Kennedy-Williams, Arizona Muse - Founder and Trustee of Dirt Foundation for the Regeneration of Earth

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 21/01/22

ISBN: 9781839970672

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It’s hard to watch the news, scroll through social media, or listen to the radio without hearing or seeing something disturbing about the climate emergency. This can trigger all sorts of emotions: worry, anger, sadness, guilt, and even grief but also often over-looked positive emotions like motivation, connection, care, and abundance that support mental health and climate action for sustainable longevity.

Written by psychologists with extensive experience in treating people with eco-anxiety, this book shows you how to harness these emotions, validate them, and transform them into positive action. It enables you to assess and understand your psychological responses to the climate crisis and move away from unhealthy defence mechanisms, such as denial and avoidance.

Ultimately, it shows that the solution to both climate anxiety and the climate crisis is the same – action that is sustainable for you and for the planet – and empowers you to take steps towards this.