Transitions to Better Lives: Offender Readiness and Rehabilitation

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Author: Andrew Day, Sharon Casey, Tony Ward and Kevin Howells

Publisher: Willan Publishing

Published: 23-APR-10

ISBN: 9781843927181

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Transitions to Better Lives aims to describe, collate, and summarize a body of recent research – both theoretical and empirical – that explores the issue of treatment readiness in offender programming. It is divided into three sections:
part one unpacks a model of treatment readiness, and explains how it has been operationalized
part two discusses how the construct has been applied to the treatment of different offender groups
part three iscusses some of the practice approaches that have been identified as holding promise in addressing low levels of offender readiness are discussed.
Included within each section are contributions from a number of authors whose work, in recent years, has stimulated discussion and helped to inform practice in offender rehabilitation.
This book is an ideal resource for those who study within the field of criminology, or who work in the criminal justice system, and have an interest in the delivery of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for offenders. This includes psychologists, social workers, probation and parole officers, and prison officers.


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