The Use of Voice in Music Therapy

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Author: Kelly Meashey

Publisher: Barcelona Publishers

Published: 25/06/20

ISBN: 9781945411533

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Use of Voice in Music Therapy provides hands-on methods for how to sing with clients. With step-by-step instructions for working with any population (verbal or non-verbal), it includes scripts for introducing techniques, original music to give creative direction, as well as a large list of song material. Mini case examples throughout will further inspire therapists to introduce various singing methods with clients.

The methods are organized under goal areas such as: Stress Reduction, Self-expression, Social Interaction, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Skills, Support for Emotional and Physical Pain, etc. It includes a Toolbox section describing each technique so they can be shifted and used under any goal. There is also research to legitimize and support the therapist’s understanding of the effectiveness of therapeutic singing as well as bolster confidence when utilizing methods. Basic vocal exercises, improvisation exercises, exercises to develop one’s vocal identity, and exercises which encourage self-awareness are provided in the Therapist Training section as well as ethical considerations of singing with clients.

An excellent resource for educators to use in teaching music therapy methodology, and music therapy voice, Use of Voice in Music Therapy is also useful for clinicians of all levels who wish to re-connect with singing and who are looking to renew creativity in clinical practice. Voice teachers and vocalists may find helpful ideas.