The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation: Everything You Didn’t Want to Know and Were Afraid to As

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Author: Valerie Sinason

Publisher: Confer Books

Published: 28/10/20

ISBN: 9781913494087

An accessible and sensitive guide to the key concepts involved when working with people who have experienced trauma and dissociation, this book covers all degrees of trauma – from complex, childhood attachment ruptures, sexual abuse, torture, war and, even the coronavirus pandemic. Through this compassionate and sensitive work, Valerie Sinason shows us what is needed to understand some of the worst possible experiences without a loss of feelings.

“This amazing little book helps each of us to speak and understand the unspeakable. Are we brave enough to know the truth in this dangerous but lifegiving journey? The book warns and encourages us that knowing can retraumatise at each life stage but also make us strong. Enjoy the clarity and beauty of Valerie’s whistle-stop tour of trauma and dissociation.” – Baroness Hollins, Emeritus President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists