The Simple Guide to Emotional Neglect: What It Is and How to Help

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Author: Betsy de Thierry, Emma Reeves

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 21/07/2023

ISBN: 9781839976759

What is emotional neglect?
How does it affect children and the adults they become?
What can we do to help?
In The Simple Guide to Emotional Neglect, Betsy de Thierry provides clarity and guidance on the complex subject of emotional neglect, including how it impacts emotional connection and behaviour in the children who experience it.
Betsy de Thierry has spent years working with children and adults impacted by emotional neglect from all walks of life, and combines her experience with the latest research evidence to provide you with a concise overview of what emotional neglect looks like, and the issues it can create, including its impact on the developing brain, the development of trauma-based behaviours and challenges to forming emotional connections.
The practical advice in this book guides parents, carers, and professionals involved in child welfare on how to provide informed and empathic support.