The Professional’s Guide to Sexuality Consultation: An Exploration of Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, and Business Influence

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Author: James Wadley (Editor)

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 30/11/23

ISBN: 9781032323657

This book offers support and guidance to sexuality professionals who are looking at the different strategies to progress their career, accounting for all the diverse jobs they can take on or create.

Bringing together contributions from the field of sexology, business, and marriage and family therapy, James C. Wadley combines elements of sexuality, business development, and entrepreneurship to help therapists consider their professional options. Chapters address topics such how to navigate consultative opportunities in sex education, clinical work, counseling, coaching, supervision, research, non-profit and for-profit entities, volunteer experiences, and in academic settings. Professional contributions offer practical advice as well as personal reflections, with insights ranging from obtaining consultative positions, starting one’s own business, and using social media effectively.

Sexuality educators, counselors, therapists, healers, advocates, activists, researchers, policy makers, workers, and other consultants will find this book invaluable when navigating new ideas and professional paths they can take within the field.