The Internet Family: Technology in Couple and Family Relationships

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Author: Katherine M. Hertlein (author), Markie L. C. Twist (author)

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published: 29/05/2019

ISBN: 9781138478053

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In The Internet Family, Drs. Katherine Hertlein and Markie Twist provide a current and comprehensive look at the effects of technology on couple and family relationships.

Beginning with an overview of the multifaceted ways in which technology impacts our relationships today, the authors discuss a wide range of topics pertinent to couple and family life. Chapters focus on issues such as online dating and infidelity, parenting and the Internet, video gaming, cyberbullying, and everyday usage of social and new media, before providing guidance on how the reader can successfully navigate the advantages and risks that emerge from the use of specific technologies. An online appendix offers a range of assessments and practical tools for identifying Internet-related problems and solutions.

A portion of the text is also devoted to the application of the Couple and Family Technology framework and how it can be effectively integrated into clinicians’ current practice. Couple and family therapists will find this book highly informative, both to use in their own practice and for referring clients to as part of the treatment process.