Sex Offenders in the Community

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Author: Matravers

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Published: 01-JAN-05

ISBN: 9781843921202

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This book brings together a leading group of authorities in the field to explore current criminal justice responses to the management of individuals who are convicted of sexual offences. It aims to help policy-makers, practitioners and students to develop an informed position on this complex and increasingly controversial issue. Although the focus is primarily upon the UK context, contributions from North America (USA and Canada) provide an important comparative perspective. The first part of the book contextualizes the issue of sex offenders in the community, exploring the theoretical and legal frameworks that underpin current practice. Part 2 focuses on risk assessment, providing a critical analysis of existing and developing approaches to the assessment of individual sex offenders. Part 3 develops themes in multi-agency protection arrangements, discussing the current and future roles of statutory and partner agencies in the risk management process.


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