Relational Approaches in Gestalt Therapy

Relational Approaches in Gestalt Therapy

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Author: Jacobs

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Published: 30-APR-10

ISBN: 9780415879316

Lynne Jacobs and Richard Hycner assemble an international group of Gestalt theorists and clinicians for an engaging and insightful investigation into the integration of relational approaches within Gestalt therapy.

The book is divided thematically into three sections. The first section speculates on the history and development of relationality in terms of Gestalt therapy. Chapters that discuss the patient-therapist relationship comprise the second section, and include explorations into uncertainty in interpretation and understanding, attunement and optimal responsiveness, working with shame, and negotiating individuality and betweenness.” The last section opens up to groups and organizations, applying relational approaches to Gestalt therapeutic encounters with more than one patient.”


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