Race and Culture: Tools, Techniques and Trainings: A Manual for Professionals

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Author: Sumita Dutta

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 31/12/20

ISBN: 9781855757714

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“Race” and Culture: Tools, Techniques and Trainings is a practical resource for trainers who wish to work with the issues raised by racial and cultural diversity in their own agency settings. It is intended as an easy guide and a “hands-on” tool for practitioners (family therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, GPs, nurses, health visitors, counsellors, teachers, etc), academics, educators and students. It brings together contributions from professional trainers working in multiple and diverse settings. It is aimed both at those who would like to initiate training on diversity in their agency contexts or those who wish to include the important dimensions of “race” and culture into their existing trainings. This book emerged directly from training developed by the authors for professionals working with refugees in their own communities, at the Centre for Cross Cultural Studies at the Institute of Family Therapy.