Psychosis and The Traumatised Self: Understanding and Change

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Author: John Rhodes

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 29/03/2022

ISBN: 9780367491796

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Psychosis and The Traumatised Self explores what it is like to experience psychosis for individuals with histories of childhood physical and sexual abuse.

The book additionally explores how meaning expressed in psychosis might originate from the effects of abuse, but also long-term life difficulties, motivations, memories, social history, and struggles to narrate and understand. One chapter focuses on refugees who suffered trauma as adults and later became psychotic. Another chapter examines how trauma leads to the destruction of certainty and trust, thereby opening a pathway to persecutory ideas. Drawing on a developmental model of trauma, it is proposed that dissociated parts of the self that developed during childhood contribute to psychosis in adults when undergoing difficulties and stress.

Presented with case illustrations, the book will be useful for those who work in the area of psychosis and abuse to understand the experiences of individuals, and how we might develop appropriate therapy and care.