Psychology for Coaches: Key Concepts and Findings to Ground Your Skills

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Author: Maciej Swiezy

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 01/07/2021

ISBN: 9780367518400

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Psychology for Coaches offers its readers a chance to ground their interpersonal skills in sound psychological theory and research. It provides a solid synthesis of current concepts and research results, translating them into hands-on recommendations and examples of tools.

The book was written in response to questions asked by trainee coaches eager to make sure they are doing their best to provide a safe, professional, and valuable service. It offers clear, practical examples on how to apply presented concepts into coaching practice. It challenges popular strategies that may have unwanted side effects and offers to replace them with specific ideas on how to use coaching conversations to:

support goal setting and consistent motivation
encourage autonomy and responsibility
assist self-reflection and manage learning
increase awareness of emotions and manage them better
identify and change beliefs and schemas
build a healthier perception of oneself
Psychology for Coaches will be essential reading for coaches in all areas, including those in training, who want an accessible, fast introduction to the most relevant areas of psychology and an overview that will guide their further learning. It will also be an inspirational guide for people aiming to use coaching skills in other professional roles.