Posttraumatic Stress in Physical Illness

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Author: Man Cheung Chung

Publisher: OUP Oxford

Published: 08/01/24

ISBN: 9780198727323

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Posttraumatic Stress in Physical Illness explores the development of posttraumatic stress reactions and other psychological symptoms in people suffering from physical illnesses. It looks at the differentiating factors in patients with illnesses such as myocardial infarction, cancer, HIV, vascular and neurological diseases, respiratory diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Posttraumatic Stress in Physical Illness also analyses factors such as demographic and disease-related characteristics, previous trauma or PTSD due to previous trauma, subjective experience of the illness, personality traits and coping strategies of the individual that contribute to the severity, likelihood of distress, or PTSD symptoms associated with the illness. These symptoms are not only experienced by the patients themselves but are also significant for their family members or loved ones. Both understanding the symptoms or pathological features and exploring the development of posttraumatic growth in both patients and reatives play major roles in this book.

As psychopathological and positive psychological responses to adversity can influence the formulation of psychological interventions, Posttraumatic Stress in Physical Illness provides essential guidance for those involved with the treatment and wellbeing of patients.