Polyvagal-Informed EMDR: A Neuro-Informed Approach to Healing

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Author: Rebecca Kase

Publisher: WW Norton & Company

Published: 15/06/23

ISBN: 9781324030317

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Polyvagal Theory and EMDR are two well-respected theoretical and practical models with immense implications for therapeutic practice. Polyvagal-Informed EMDR outlines a comprehensive approach for integrating Polyvagal Theory into EMDR Therapy. Individually, each model offers powerful pathways to healing. Combined, these models supercharge therapy and the recovery process.

The integration of Polyvagal Theory within the eight phases of EMDR Therapy offers the psychotherapist a robust, dynamic, neuro-informed framework for case conceptualisation, treatment planning and client transformation. The approach applies not only to work with trauma and PTSD, but also in the treatment of addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain and adjustment disorders.

EMDR therapists will find a method that maintains fidelity to the evidence-based practice of EMDR and aligns with current neuroscience research. Topics covered include the nervous system and toxic stress, neuroception, adaptive memory networks and autonomic resiliency, neuro-informed history taking, and the importance of therapeutic presence. Clinical interventions, scripts and handouts are included for all eight phases of EMDR, as well as case examples and opportunities for experiential practice.

This is the first book to treat these topics together: assessing complex material and presenting it in an approachable, engaging manner.