Oxford Guide to Surviving as a CBT Therapist

Oxford Guide to Surviving as a CBT Therapist

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Author: Mueller, Martina; Kennerley, Helen; McManus, Freda; Westbrook, David

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: 20-MAY-10

ISBN: 9780199561308

Thousands of new CBT therapists are due to be trained over the coming years. This is the first and only survival guide to help them adjust to life as a therapist after training, and to dealing with real problems faced by real people.  Written by authors with the benefit of vast experience both in training others and practising CBT, resulting in a book that is authoritative, yet offering the kind of down-to-earth and practical advice they know that people need when they qualify.  Offers valuable advice across a range of areas, making the guide indispensable for all newly trained CBT therapists.  For the newly trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, there are a wealth of challenges and difficulties faced, as they try and apply their new found skills in the outside world. These might include the stresses of working in isolation, and finding it difficult to widen their scope or bounce ideas of other CBT therapists; or the need for practical advice on setting up group therapy; the possible conflicts betweens ethical practice and theory; how to retain ones integrity as a therapist, while maintaing a viable business practice; dealing with diverse communities, or becoming a supervisor.   The Oxford Guide to Surviving CBT Practice is the one-stop resource for the newly trained therapist. It offers practical guidance on a range of issues and challenges faced by the therapist. Written by people with vast experience of training and practising CBT, it draws on real life situations to help the reader hone and develop their skills, adjust to life as a therapist, and maintain a successful and satisfying career whilst helping others.  With thousands of new CBT therapists being trained over the coming years, this book will be a constant companion for all those starting life as a therapist, one they will want to have to hand at all times.    Readership: Cognitive behavioural therapists – both newly trained and those more experienced


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