Our House: Making Sense of Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Author: Lindsay Schofield

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 23/12/21

ISBN: 9780367708238

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Our House tells the story of a child who has experienced something that children should never have to experience. It introduces the reader to the people who arrived to help them cope with the bad things, in the house that they all share.

Accompanied by beautiful and gentle illustrations, the story takes a non-threatening approach to demystify dissociative identity disorder, using the metaphor of a house to explain what it is and how it develops. Our House can be read by individuals, or used as a treatment tool to stimulate discussion, and is suitable for all ages. It includes additional guidance which explains the metaphor in depth, as well as advice regarding dissociative disorders and signposts to further help for both individuals and professionals.

Bringing clarity to a complex issue, this is an invaluable resource for survivors of trauma and for those who support them, counsellors, psychologists, social care workers and other professionals, as well as family and friends. An accompanying guidebook is also available, offering further information, resources and activities, and page-by-page insights into illustrations from the picture book. Both books can be purchased as a set.