Nature-Based Play Therapy: A Prescriptive Approach to Integrating the Therapeutic Powers of Nature and Play

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Author: Julie Blundon Nash

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 15/11/23

ISBN: 9781032360584

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Nature-Based Play Therapy brings a theoretical basis to arguments for including nature in play therapy and provides tools for that inclusion with a prescriptive model. Throughout this book, play therapists are introduced to the histories of nature and play across cultures and cultural expectations and are then guided into an understanding of how nature and play intersect with current trends in society and psychotherapy. Readers will learn about how the therapeutic powers of play are activated and facilitated by the inclusion of nature in play therapy, and they will be taken step-by-step through a prescriptive case conceptualization model. They’ll also find case studies that link theoretical tenets, the therapeutic powers and play and nature, and intended treatment outcomes.

Nature-Based Play Therapy is an excellent introduction to a vital and growing area of the field, one that gives a well-rounded summary to a theoretically based model of treatment.