Moving from the Inside Out: 7 Principles for Ease and Mastery in Movement A Feldenkrais Approach

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Author: Lesley McLennan, Julie Peck

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Published: 24/07/20

ISBN: 9781623175085

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More often than not, we move through life focused on results or where we’re going, rarely paying attention to how we move until we experience pain or need to learn a new skill or perform at an elite level. But movement isn’t just about getting things done or getting from here to there: at its essence, it’s an integration of thinking, sensing, and feeling with action such that to change one part changes the whole.

This book is written for those times when we don’t need quick fixes, bandaids, or shortcuts to solve an immediate problem, but can instead dedicate time and attention to explore, laying the foundation to become experts in our own body and movement patterns for long-lasting positive growth. Moving from the Inside Out shows us how to resolve complex movement issues, balance stability and instability, increase power and precision, and explore our own movement using innate learning strategies.

Written for practitioners, movement therapists, and somatic teachers and students, the curious athlete or casual learner will also find much to gain in learning the practical and accessible fundamentals of movement. Authors Lesley McLennan and Julie Peck introduce seven core principles that address:
– The dynamic balance between instability and stability
– How to move with ease and grace
– The secrets of flexibility and support embedded in every musculo-skeletal system
– How anxiety and curiosity shape our individual developmental sequence
– How qualities of movement are clues for your investigation
– The special role of intra-abdominal pressure in our physical and emotional worlds
– How moving and learning are entwined