Mindfulness in the Birth Sphere: Practice for Pre-conception to the Critical 1000 Days and Beyond

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Author: Editors: Lorna Davies & Susan Crowther

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 21/12/22

ISBN: 9780367760359

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Mindfulness in the Birth Sphere draws together and critically appraises a raft of emerging research around mindfulness in healthcare, looking especially at its relevance to pregnancy and childbirth.

Divided into three parts, this reflective book:

· Investigates the phenomena of mindfulness through discussions of neuroscience, an indigenous worldview and research methods.

· Develops the concept of mindfulness for use in practice with women/and babies across the continuum of childbirth. ​It includes chapters on birth environments, intrapartum care, mental health, fertility, breastfeeding and parenting among others.

· Explores mindfulness as a tool for birth practitioners and educators, promoting self-care, resilience and compassion.

Each chapter discusses specific research, evidence and experiences of mindfulness, including practical advice and an example of a mindfulness practice.

This is an essential read for all those interested in mindfulness in connection to pregnancy and childbirth, including midwives, doulas, doctors and birth activists, whether involved in practice, research or education.