International Journal of Cognitive Analytic Therapy & Relational Mental Health (Vol 3, 2019)

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Author: Steve Potter (Editor), Ian Kerr (Editor) & Louise McCutcheon (Editor)

Publisher: International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association

Published: 2019


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This is the journal of International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association which is a federation of national associations in eight different countries.

The journal aims to promote a broad relational understanding of psychotherapy and the wider context of mental health treatment and care. It draws upon the ideas and methods of the Cognitive Analytic approach to understanding and alleviating psychological and social distress for individuals, groups and systems.

There are already three issues of the journal and it is seeking to produce an annual volume of 150-200 pages initially in print form for the first six months of its run and subsequently as an open access online journal accessible through these pages.