Integrative Arts Psychotherapy: Using an Integrative Theoretical Frame and the Arts in Psychotherapy

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Author: Editors: Claire Louise Vaculik & Gary Nash

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 12/08/2022

ISBN: 9780367726362

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This book is a new addition to the art therapy literature setting out an integrative approach to using theory and the arts, which places clients at the centre of practice and supports collaboration across the therapeutic journey. The structural framework described enables different theories, contemporary research, and best-practice guidelines to be used to inform therapy, allowing the practitioner to work fluidly and rigorously in response to their clients’ changing needs and therapeutic aims.

Integrative arts psychotherapy brings therapeutic practice to life, as the use of the visual arts is enhanced by the possibilities offered for developing and deepening therapeutic work using sculpture/clay, drama/puppetry, poetry, sand play, music, and bodywork/movement. The work described in this book has grown from a British and European art therapy culture, community, and history – influenced by prominent American theorists.

The book has been written for trainers, trainees, and practitioners of creative arts therapies, psychotherapy, and expressive arts therapies – nationally and worldwide. It may also be of interest to other professionals, or those in consultation with an art therapist, who want to understand what this type of art therapy can offer.