Integrating Counselling & Psychotherapy: Directionality, Synergy and Social Change

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Author: Mick Cooper

Publisher: Sage Publications

Published: 10/03/19

ISBN: 9781526440037

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How can therapists integrate theories and practices from across the psychological therapies?

This book presents a framework for understanding distress and change that can unite different orientations, along with sociopolitical perspectives.

Its starting point is that therapy aims to help clients move towards the things they most deeply want. It shows how the actualisation of these ‘directions’ leads to greater well-being, and how this can be brought about through the development of internal and external synergies.

Using in-depth cases, the book provides detailed guidance on how this framework can be applied. After reading this book, you’ll feel better equipped to understand, and work with, your clients’ directions—tailoring the therapy to their unique wants.