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Insanity and Divinity: Studies in Psychosis and Spirituality

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Author: John Gale, Michael Robson, Georgia Rapsomatioti

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 07/07/2013

ISBN: 9780415608626

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How close is spirituality to psychosis?

Covering the interrelation of psychosis and spirituality from a number of angles, Insanity and Divinity will generate dialogue and discussion, aid critical reflection and stimulate creative approaches to clinical work for those interested in the connections between religious studies, psychoanalysis, anthropology and hagiography.

Bringing together an international range of contributors and covering many different types of religious experience, this book presents its theme in three parts:

Psychoanalysis, belief and mysticism

Anthropology, history and hagiography

Psychology, psychosis and religious experience.

Each section includes discussion of the hinterland between madness and religious experience from the perspective of a number of religions, autobiographical accounts of those who have experienced a psychosis in which spirituality played a key part and a comprehensive review of the position of psychology research into the meaning and function of spirituality in relation to the psychoses.

Insightful, enlightening and wide-ranging, Insanity and Divinity is ideal for clinicians, academics and chaplains working in clinical settings.