Helping Children with Loss and The Day the Sea Went Out and Never Came Back

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Author: Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 19/04/2022

ISBN: 9781032101903

Now in its second edition, this practical guidebook and beautifully illustrated storybook have been created to help teachers and professionals support children aged 4-12 who have experienced loss.

Written in an accessible style and with a sensitive tone, Helping Children with Loss provides adults with a rich vocabulary for mental states and painful emotions, paving the way for meaningful and healing conversations with children who are struggling with difficult feelings. Practical activities provide opportunities for conversation and will empower the child to find creative and imaginative ways of expressing themselves when words fail.

The Day the Sea Went Out and Never Came Back is a story for children who have lost someone they love. The beautiful illustrations and compassionate story offer a wealth of opportunities to begin a conversation about the difficult emotions that can follow a loss, helping children to acknowledge and express their emotions. The story shows them that it is brave to feel sad, that they are surrounded by support, and that memories of a loved one are a special treasure that can never be lost.