Forensic Art Therapy: The Art of Investigating, Interviewing, and Testifying

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Author: Marcia Cohen-Liebman

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 20/03/2023

ISBN: 9781032125343

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Forensic Art Therapy is designed as an educational and informative resource for individuals from a diverse array of disciplines that engage in investigatory undertakings, interview victims and witnesses, and provide evidentiary testimony.

The material presented serves as a primer for professionals that may potentially present in court on behalf of a client. Ethical issues inherent in the forensic arena and the use of novel scientific evidence in the form of drawing as well as legal proceedings, testimonial capability, and practical tips and strategies for effective witnessing are shared. Research regarding an art therapy-based investigative interview process, the Common Interview Guideline (CIG), examines the facilitative factor associated with the effect of drawing. When utilized as a primary resource within investigative interviews, drawing has the potential to offer support, promote empowerment and enhance disclosure. Understanding how drawing functions in investigative interviews and what it offers for the child, the team and the process contributes to on-going research and best practice.

The text serves as a resource and a handbook for students and professionals that investigate and intervene when maltreatment is suspected including child protection, law enforcement, prosecution, advocacy, the judiciary, creative arts therapies, and allied practitioners in medicine and mental health.