Feel, Think, and Do with Ruby, Rafa and Riz: A Storybook and Guide for Understanding Behaviour and Emotions Set

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Author: Liz Bates & Nigel Dodds

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 24/02/2022

ISBN: 9781032059396

This set containing an adult resource guide and storybook encourages children to explore and interrogate their thoughts and feelings in an accessible and fun way while providing trusted adults with clear, straightforward explanations of why this understanding is important and tools that can be used in a learning setting.

Through the characters of Ruby, Rafa and Riz who negotiate their way through a world of likes and dislikes, of similarities and differences and through experiences which impact on their lives, the colourfully illustrated storybook helps children to identify and understand their inner emotional world and the crucial role that trusted adults have in supporting them. The practical guidebook Understanding and Exploring Behaviour and Feelings contains details of sessions that can be used by these trusted adults to support the development of good emotional health through the connection between feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Thoughtfully laid out to introduce emotional health and feelings as part of a comprehensive PSHE / RSE programme delivered by teachers and learning mentors, this unique book and resource pack also provides a progressive approach for professionals working in a more therapeutic way with individual children.